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A witty, sharp portrayal that reveals Davis not only as a riveting personality, but as the ultimate star in the Golden Age of Hollywood. You'll laugh - you'll be challenged - you'll have lots of questions. Are you ready for your close up with Bette Davis?

Sat Jan 31 & Sun Feb 1 - both at 2:00 pm

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Sun Feb 1 show will be sign interpreted

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Bette Davis played queens and drama-queens, martyrs and murderesses, heroines and hags. Her stardom introduced a new kind of leading lady - strong women living out emancipating fantasies of power, romance, wealth, and even wickedness.  Her face, no matter how many times she changed it, remains etched on the American psyche.

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A star for almost 60 years, Davis appeared in 101 major studio films (Jezebel, Dark Victory, Now Voyager, All About Eve.) By 1942, she was the highest paid woman in America and had won two Academy Awards.

Davis also earned a reputation for being difficult to work with and her personal life was as tempestuous as her life onscreen. Studio mogul Jack Warner called her "an explosive little broad with a sharp left." But it was Davis who dared to challenge the Star System. Although she lost, she gained so much power they called her “The Fifth Warner Brother” and set the stage for Olivia de Havilland to succeed.

During the 60 years of Bette Davis stardom, the American woman emerged from the sidelines to battle the Depression, run a nation when her men went off to war, and fight her own war for liberation. And every time she looked, there was Bette Davis, larger than life, cheering her on.

About BETTE DAVIS . . .          About LESLIE GODDARD (starring as Bette Davis) . . .

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Leslie Goddard from Chicago IL
stars as Bette Davis

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